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What we want:

Novels (60K to 100K words) and novellas (20K to 40K words) with a speculative element or gothic twist. 

Creative nonfiction that focuses on cross-cultural perspectives. If you live between a Here and a There and sometimes find these hard to reconcile, or if you write about related topics, we’d love to see your manuscript or book proposal.

PLEASE DO NOT QUERY FIRST. We regret that we cannot respond to individual inquiries asking whether or not you should submit a given manuscript. If you’ve familiarized yourself with our catalog and the guidelines contained here, and you think your story might be a good fit, go ahead and send it to us!

What we’d like to see more of:

  • Queer monsters
  • Stories that draw on non-Western mythologies and traditions of the fantastic
  • Lighthearted romps
  • Gothic fiction that’s more carnivalesque than depressing
  • Creative nonfiction from the perspective of nonwhite or non-Western authors
  • Novella-length fictional encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other oddities

What we already tend to see too much of (feel free to submit things in this category, but you’ll be rolling at disadvantage):

  • Sexual violence as a prominent theme
  • Substance abuse as a prominent theme
  • Creative nonfiction from the perspective of a white American experiencing life in another country

Things we do not consider:

  • Short story collections
  • Young adult fiction
  • Manuscripts shorter than 18K words
  • Erotica
  • Graphic novels
  • Stories that perpetuate racist, misogynist, homophobic, and other discriminatory tropes

ABOUT THE SUBMISSION FEE: Our nominal administrative fee of $3 is used solely to support the cost of operating this Submittable portal.

Lanternfish Press